Garnerin Cloud Advisory Services

Many organizations have started down the road of executing public cloud strategies only to find that cost savings are not living up to expectations. Cost management tools automate key tasks, but require alignment across the organization to be effective. Garnerin Group can help enact the organizational change and implement tools to eliminate waste and increase cloud efficiency on an ongoing basis.

Garnerin combines expertise in infrastructure optimization with experience driving change across diverse stakeholders in fast-paced enterprise environments. We deliver customized, sustainable cost management solutions by leveraging a network of experts and third party solutions.

Garnerin Cloud Cost Management Approach:

  1. Cut Waste – turn off and right-size resources
  2. Align Incentives – establish accountability to ensure ongoing compliance with aligned governance and processes
  3. Ensure Visibility – establish and tune dashboards and reporting for efficient monitoring across the organization
  4. Optimize – maximize savings through reserved instance analytics, instance type choice, auto-scaling, and other techniques

Sample Cloud capacity view over time

Phase 1: Garnerin Cloud Cost Health Check
An initial assessment of current state cloud cost management. Environment is reviewed against 100+ best practices across 5 key dimensions. Findings are reported back in a customized report detailing current Cloud Cost Maturity model scores, fast track recommendations for immediate action, and prioritized future actions for consideration.

Timeframe: 1-4 Weeks

Key Outputs:

  • Cloud Cost Maturity Model Baseline Reading – Current State
  • Gap Analysis
  • Fast Track Action Item List
  • Prioritized Recommendations for highest leverage future activities

Phase 2: Garnerin Cloud Cost Optimization
Deeper dive including development of recommended target state and associated roadmap aligned to business needs. Engagement with client stakeholders to execute Phase 1 fast track recommendations to progress along the Cloud Cost Maturity curve.

Timeframe: 1-3 Months

Key Outputs:

  • Cloud Cost Maturity Model – Future State
  • Cloud Cost Optimization Roadmap
  • Cloud Cost Optimization Strategy
  • Final Progress Report and Cost Maturity Score Update

Additional Services

  • Business Case
  • Reserved Instance Strategy
  • Cost Forecast
  • Capacity Forecast Development
  • Dashboard Development
  • Cost Management Solution Selection
  • Cost Management Solution Implementation

For Additional Information Contact:
Jim Murphy

Garnerin Group is a business technology consulting firm specializing in strategy and roadmap development, application and infrastructure optimization, and global execution management.