Business leaders recognize the value of an IT Strategy that addresses their increasing reliance on technology to support key business functions. Garnerin takes an additional step in the development of a data center strategy, utilizing a proven methodology and approach, with associated toolkits, to develop a strategy that is aligned to the client's business goals. Our experts establish the Roadmap to Business/Technology alignment by:

  1. Identifying the long-term objectives
  2. Articulating the priorities of the data center stakeholders
  3. Linking priorities to specific business objectives
  4. Developing a schedule of key initiatives

The Roadmap is refined through detailed data analysis and input by stakeholders from Technology, Facilities, Real Estate, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery teams. At the completion of a Strategy engagement, clients will have a data center strategy aligned to its business that facilitates the execution of key projects delivering ROI and a reduction in TCO.

Data Center Decision Support and Due Diligence
The data center decision lifecycle is complex and requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts from Facilities, Technology and Real Estate. Cost benefit analysis, investment decision analysis and stakeholder alignment are iterative throughout this lifecycle.

Additionally, a comprehensive due diligence effort is critical to major data center decisions. Garnerin's approach to due diligence includes a detailed examination of several hundred items across 12 categories, including: Strategy, Location & Risk, Area Suitability, Local Risk & Incentives, Socioeconomic Conditions, Power, Communications, Vendor Profile, Legal, MEP, Engineering & Utility, Physical Security and Environmental.

Garnerin provides clients with data center subject matter expertise throughout the full portfolio lifecycle and can provide tailored support based on the client's specific needs. Independent of the scope, we utilize a standard and proven methodology that includes: engaging relevant stakeholders at all levels to guarantee transparency and accountability; leveraging the appropriate experts; balancing business risk associated with large-scale data center technology change events; and providing a continuous focus towards improved efficiency, reduced cost and improved levels of service to critical business functions.


Unlocking cost efficiencies through coordinated application and infrastructure

Client Profile
Top-20 Bank

Engaged by:
CIO, Global Wealth Management

2010 - 2013


Businesses are managing more data than ever before and this trend is only increasing, resulting in successive investments in technology to meet the growth demand. However, capitalizing on efficiencies frequently remains elusive. Similarly, the advent of cloud enablement and big data initiatives, have caused businesses to make significant technology investments. Without a strategy and roadmap, the adverse impact on data center efficiency and sustainability can be severe.

Garnerin's professionals apply a proven methodology to develop a roadmap for rationalizing and optimizing infrastructure and application portfolios and technical support operations to ensure alignment of existing initiatives to strategic business objectives. These asset optimization and business process improvement (BPI) programs are designed to deliver cost savings and provide a significant impact on data center efficiency, design and financials. The scope of optimization efforts may include:

Application Rationalization: application assessments help create transparency about the business value, cost, and health of existing applications, enabling technology leaders and business leaders to shift resources away from tactical modernization activity and toward projects that better support the enterprise's strategic business goals

End-of-Life (EOL) Management: opportunistic migration from legacy hardware and software products to strategic platforms

Storage Environment: fit for purpose allocation of storage across Production, Development and UAT environments

Development and UAT environments: plan migration of low-priority and non-production servers to low cost storage based on storage profiles; storage analysis on the server and disk arrays to move data from high to low cost storage tiers

Server Environment: consolidation, virtualization, and holistic optimization of the server estate; ensure fit for purpose allocation of platforms to Production, Development and UAT environments

Database: assess and implement database optimization strategy by incorporating optimal environments and Business Units constraints to develop a comprehensive approach

Cloud Computing: cloud cost management and optimization through application of best practices and custom analytics; reserved instance portfolio optimization

Backup and Restore: streamline the backup and restore platforms and enhance operational processes across the entire asset portfolio

Portfolio Rationalization: manage applications assets, ensuring alignment with Technology Roadmap and elimination of duplicative applications and build foundation for future-proof IT initiatives

Demand Management: drive the development of a reliable forecast capability by ensuring quality of supply-side of delivery

IT Service Management (ITSM/ITIL): develop and implement programs that combine process improvement, skill development and performance management to achieve rapid, targeted results and lasting value

Business Process Improvement (BPI): leverage a systematic approach to achieve step-change improvements in the quality, efficiency, and cost of technical support operations. Delivery of all aspects of business process analysis and solutioning, taxonomy alignment, process design & measurement and workflow development/implementation


Augmenting data center portfolio while enhancing business

Client Profile
Top-10 Hedge Fund Firm

Engaged by:
Head of Global Data Centers

2011 - 2014

Critical Program Management

Transformation events are complex and require concurrent efforts focused on: new operational and organizational models, business agility, cost effective service delivery, flexible and adaptable solutions, resources and financial transparency, and metrics. Garnerin professionals have designed and managed high impact transformation programs for global clients, including data center portfolio optimization, application and data user interface solution design and deployment, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery strategy development and implementation. Garnerin Group's strategy work is informed by our execution experience and ability, and we are frequently engaged to help realize and deliver critical aspects of data center portfolio optimization programs.

Garnerin successfully manages complex integrated programs with strict governance, tracking all tasks, milestones, dependencies, risks, costs, savings, risks and mitigation options with transparent and exacting processes and procedures that leverage IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), PRINCE2 and Project Management (PMI) best practices.

The Garnerin Core Team consists of a network of seasoned professionals who have worked together on global enterprise programs for multinational firms since the early 1990s. The Core Team serves as the central hub for the development and management of critical optimization and transformation initiatives for our clients. Garnerin augments the Core Team with a flexible global network of colleagues, scaling up and down according to our client needs. This 'Flex Team' provides us with a cost effective and efficient operating model in the delivery of critical optimization and change programs.

At Garnerin Group, we do not sell products or packaged solutions. However, our solution design and delivery methodologies provide the flexibility to work across an ecosystem of vendors to deliver game-changing results for our clients. We evaluate and partner with vendors best suited to assist our clients and we have a history of building successful multi-threaded delivery teams.


Adding a third data center to address risk and accommodate growth

Client Profile
Top-10 Media Firm

Engaged by:
Global Head of Data Centers

2012 - 2013

Construction Program Management - Office Technologies

Over the past decades, office environments have been rapidly evolving to keep pace with the high-bandwidth consuming end-user. In today’s professional environments, employees can be expected to have multiple technology devices such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, video teleconferencing units, and other tools to support their everyday tasks and to facilitate the transfer of information. The increasing focus and importance of technology in the workplace has generated a need to incorporate an integrated and flexible IT platform into the design and construction of new facilities.

Traditional approaches often have office technology program management services lumped into program management firms who have historically specialized in general building construction. While this approach may work for more simplistic buildouts, the risks are compounded when the technology requirements are greater and more advanced. The skills and know-how to integrate technology needs into a construction effort are unique and require specialized solutions and approaches in order to deliver an integrated space where technology and workplace design are in harmony.

Garnerin has subject matter expertise to support clients and augment any project team by managing the technology portion of any construction project, especially in the New York City market. Garnerin professionals have backgrounds in both construction as well as technology and stay current to market trends and solutions. While a program team may have dedicated resources to handle the construction component and dedicated resources to handle the IT/technology components, oftentimes these programs are challenged to see the close relationship and the interdependencies between the two silos (i.e. construction tasks drive IT tasks and vice versa). Garnerin professionals are skilled professionals capable speaking both construction and technology lingo and experienced at providing holistic management to a critical office program.

Garnerin Office Technology Professional services encompass the following areas of scope: